Part Time Machine

by the filipino snares

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all "machines" recorded on a Baldwin "Fun Machine."


released July 29, 2017

lash - drums
day - bass
moore - guitar
north - guitar, voice

recorded at home by the filipino snares



all rights reserved


the filipino snares Louisville, Kentucky

Four men with no time trying to play music together as much as possible while raising children and working full time jobs.

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Track Name: Terminator
there is no terminator
there is no reset
we are linked, past and future connect

all in the ceaseless moment
all in the ceaseless moment

there is no helicopter
there is no hand to grab
i'm not sure if the future, is made in the science lab

all in the ceaseless moment
all in the ceaseless moment

bionic life, without love, why live forever?
"hey buddy did you just see a real bright light?"
"come with me if you want to live"
Track Name: Woolgathering
in the valley
i wandered upon the green
my head, leaning on a tree
i had, lost the mystery

bones in the stream, cold and clean, turn the mind to sad things

i wandered, thinking i was alone
but everything was there with me
Track Name: Losing Time
in the history on our phones
a world in endless stream
hollow out my bones
and fill with magic beans

oh, losing time
i'm trying to lose my mind
losing time

light from galaxy
reaches out to me
something we can't see
in the silence breathes

oh, losing time
i'm trying to lose my mind
losing time,
i'm trying to lose my mind
Track Name: General Mystics
general mystics
at the astral border
chanting in tents
into cassette recorders

inner migration
chakra charted
severed intentions
for the particles departed

in need of maintenance
forest existence
another vegan penance
in need of maintenance
everything at their fingertips
and they didn't even know it
Track Name: Heat Lamps
warm sand, the fire is building in the setting light
the waves are coming for the night

to be young and in the bunker
listening to the raging thunder
young and gifted in the bunker

wondering if i can remember my memories
without downloading the century

i've been living on wheat-grass and melatonin
under the heat lamps dried out and dreaming

hand low the shade
night is near
once a trillion stars
one by one, they disappeared

galaxies turn into sand
hang low the shade
as the cosmos expands.
Track Name: Cold Reading
oh the sun will shine
on heaven, yours and mine
are they the same?
will our love remain?

i can see the place,
where we are erased.
calling out the names
who will remain?

distant stars, distant stars, fade into the dark, but i can see
distant wars, and armored cars, rolling over hearts, but i can see

common man,
the distant cold between
we are made of the same thing

i can see the place,
where we are erased.
calling out the names
the love remains
Track Name: Tilted Acres
another black man dies in the news,
we turn on the Netflix or the hulu
we go out and change our hairdo
parents and children in the sea
bodies scattered like leaves of human tea
oh, scroll down and change our feed

the world is being crushed by a great wheel
and we're texting over cliffs
in self driven automobiles
elijah, won't you take me with you?
elijah, won't you take me with you?
Track Name: Nerves
oh hey man, i've got this really freaky felling
like the heart in my chest is gonna stop beat beating
and the nerves in my skin are looking for sin, well alright

oh damn, all i want is some land
i can over cultivate it,
i can over meditate it,
breathe in, breathe out, breathe in through your mouth,
well alright.

i was climbing up the walls,
i was praying on my knees,
i was dancing in the hall and looking for release
oh, sweet jesus, won't you give me your hand?
i can try to explain it, but i still don't understand

cold coffee cold pork roast,
smearing butter on my toast,
4 in the morning, and my brain was back and forth,
i was channeling spirits out on the back porch,
well, alright.
Track Name: Moon
as we walked to the school
a light caught upon our skin
someone shows us the moon
and we all leaned in

east and west,
everyone believes they're the blessed
written on our hearts the holy name

pants are pressed,
are you ready for the final rest?
everyone's looking for that ladder from the grave.

oh sweet golden light...